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Morgan's Art Corner

Trinity is very fortunate to have an artist in residence! Morgan enjoys teaching children and adults have to have fun with art!  Below is a portfolio of some of the art works going on in Morgan's Art Corner!  

Leaves of Gold

Jacquie's leaves are finished! They are exquisite!   Jacquie says she has done a lot of painting before, but only house painting!  We are very impressed with this beautiful work of art and cannot believe this is the work of an amateur.  You should give Morgan's class a try--you too can find the budding artist within you!  Every Sunday after church services, Morgan has a free art class for all who are interested.  You will be surprised what you can do and the beauty you can create!

Sunday Art Class

Morgan is offering a free art class right after worship service for anyone who would like to try their hand at painting.  This is a great opportunity to awaken the sleeping artist within you!  Come join the fun!

New Masterpieces!

Colleen Hafner drew and painted these beautiful flowers!


Lionel's Trees!  Gorgeous!

Mary's Trees! Exciting!

First Masterpieces are Finished!


The three adults who started the class March 20th after church have finished their first pictures!  Sharon Dunaway-Alt, Susan Gilbert and Don Ketterer are very proud of their first art works! And Morgan made it fun and easy! Want a creative hour away to de-stress?  Take advantage of Morgan's art classes! 

Jackie Gets In On The Fun!

Jackie Shewmaker joined the art class and  her first project was trees. Those trees are looking pretty excellent, Jackie!  You might be giving the wannabes above some stiff competition! Morgan makes art class interesting and easy. You've actually painted a tree of two before you even know what's happening. Who knew art could be for everyone?  Won't you give it a try? 

Pastor Jeanette Tries Her Hand

Week Two Pastor Jeanette got in on the fun! Here is a photo of her "practice" page. As you can tell, we have the makings of a great artist here! Can't wait to see what's next!
Actually the "trees in the winter" picture is next, but what will they look like? So far, we have all had individual creative differences in our trees. This is so much fun!

Don Paints a Flower!

Morgan and her rendition of Jesus for Summertime at Trinity