Trinity United Church of Christ - St. Petersburg

                                  1150 49th Street North, Saint Petersburg, Fl 33710
         Our Vision: To Delight God       Our Mission: To be loving, actively involved ambassadors of God.

What We Believe--We Are All One in God

St. Petersburg Trinity UCC identifies itself very strongly with our wider denomination, the United Church of Christ. Many of the following statements align particularly close with one or more of our denominational UCC beliefs and values, but we have tried to focus on this congregation and its perspectives.

Core Values

† All are equal and important. 
† God expects social justice (advocacy on behalf of the Last, the Least and the Lost).
† Every opinion matters.
† Right Living (Orthopraxy) is more critical than Right Beliefs (Orthodoxy). 
† We expect and encourage folks to think for themselves. (make faith your own)

Core Beliefs

† God is loving and not intimidating or spiteful. 
† Live by the "Golden Rule," but strive for the "Platinum Rule." (love others as Jesus loves you)
† All people have equal worth to God.
† There is one God understood as Trinity: Creator, Christ, Companion. (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)
† Jesus is our savior and head of the church.
† The Bible is a guide (to revere, not idolize) to be studied contextually. It is Revelation: but not the
   only revelation. Not always intended to be read literally. 
† God is personal and intervenes in lives. (God is still speaking to us)
† Worship is a necessary response for Christians. 
† Humanity is basically good, but sometimes does goes awry.
† There are multiple ways of understanding the work of Jesus. 
† Free will is a gift which God honors. 
† Sacraments are the grace filled building blocks in sanctifying a life moving closer to God. 
† The purpose of the church is to do Jesus' work in the world today. 
† The Priesthood of All Believers is that everyone of us has the power and responsibility for ministry.

Distinctive Characteristics/Attributes

♦  Casual atmosphere. (Authenticity/Simplicity) 
♦  Diverse and Inclusive.
♦  Genuine, Friendly and Accepting.
♦  Desire to attend, not obligation to be seen. What is happening makes you want to come back!
♦  Church is fun!
♦  Music is uplifting, energizing and inspirational.

♦  Good relationship with our pastor. She is one of us; not on a pedestal and she speaks "to" us, 
     not "at" us. We love dialogue!
♦  People are accepted as they are and do not have to be changed. (Come as you are; stay as you 
    are. We're glad you're here!)