Trinity United Church of Christ - St. Petersburg

                                  1150 49th Street North, Saint Petersburg, Fl 33710
         Our Vision: To Delight God       Our Mission: To be loving, actively involved ambassadors of God.

Through the years many loving and kind people have passed through the halls of Trinity UCC. These are just a few who touched the lives of so many because of their love for their fellow man and their compassion for others.

Virgil Bohms  February, 2022

Virgil was a devoted member for several years.  He always had a funny quip and a great laugh. Virgil brought many beautiful seasonal flower arrangements to decorate our altar.  Virgil was a good cook and contributed many tasty treats to the Courtyard Coffee table. He could always be counted upon to greet  congregants on Sundays and his input on the Worship Team made for many creative worship services.  We miss you, Virgil. 

Bob Clement   December 20, 2014

Bob was not a long-time member of Trinity, but while here he made many meaningful contributions. He served on the Board and could always be counted upon to take a common sense approach to any issue. Bob was a loving husband, father and friend. He always had a kind word and a big smile for all he met. An avid fisherman, Bob's family likes to say he's just "gone fishin' " and we will say that, too.

Martha "Betty" Cormier   July 11, 2015

Betty was a long-time member of Trinity.  She was an RN with many years of community service in public health. She also served in the United States Navy and retired as a Lt. Commander. 

Betty  was always friendly and kind to everyone... and always willing to help.  When her health made it impossible for her to attend regularly she still let everyone know she was with definitely still with us in spirit.  


Mark Devore  March 12,  2020
Mark attended Trinity for several years and was our moderator at the time of his passing. He was a very giving person and contributed many talents to Trinity. He had recently retired from the University of South Florida when he became ill. He will be missed by us all. 

Larry Goddard  April 26, 2018

Larry attended Trinity for many years and was a person who was always willing to listen and lend a hand if he was able.  He had a wonderful and witty sense of humor that endeared him to all.  Larry was an auxiliary policeman for many years in St. Petersburg and he was very proud of the work he did for the police department and his community. 

Donald Hafner   July 9, 2011

Reverend Hafner was the pastor at Trinity for twenty years from 1966-1986.  Pastor Hafner brought many improvements to Trinity and the attendance under his tenure was the highest it has ever been. His wife Colleen started the Magic Closet, a clothing center for the community which was was well respected and which provided much help to those in need of clothing and other items.  He and Colleen returned to attend services at Trinity a few years after he retired and Colleen is still attending today.  


Sylvia Keyser    July 15, 2018

Sylvia attended Trinity for many years and was kind and sweet to all she met.  A quiet presence, she infused the atmosphere with a bright and happy light. We were always happy to see her on Sunday mornings!

Bob Janssen   October 2, 2015 

Bob attended Trinity from 2002 until his passing in 2015. An active member, Bob served as a moderator, Board member and facility manager.  Always ready to help, he cleaned the church every week and organized many volunteer work days through out the years. Bob is remembered for his unique sense of humor and amateur status as a political pundit. 

Ken Means   January 30, 2014
Jo Means   April 2, 2016 

Ken and Jo Means attended Trinity for many years.  They lived in the Chicago area most of the year but were faithful members of Trinity during the winter months when they visited their Florida home. The Means made many contributions to Trinity though the years. Both had astute minds and helped guide Trinity in many wise ways. They were married almost 73 years until Ken's passing in 2014.

Harold Morris   March 15, 2014 

Harold was a long-time member of Trinity and could always be counted upon to speak his mind and help guide Trinity decision making in a practical and sensible way.  He is remembered for many valuable contributions and for the sports car he drove, and jaunty driving cap he wore, well into his 80's. 

Helen Romig    March 30, 2008

Helen, mother of John and Larry, was a long-time member at Trinity. Her presence at Trinity dates back to the 1950's. She truly believed in all the things that the UCC has stood for -  an acceptance of all, equality and social justice. She was a no nonsense kind of person who spoke her mind and when she did speak her mind, she always had something meaningful to say.  98 years young when she passed, her spirit will always be with us.

John Romig   June 16, 2020
John Romig was a long time member of Trinity, having joined as a teen.  He was very active and was our Church moderator from 2010 through 2017. John led the church at a time when it was struggling to stay viable. His calm manor and focused attention helped guide us through a very turbulent period.
John never looked away from any situation when he could lend a hand. He helped the church and many others in his life with his wonderful giving spirit.  If someone asked what did John Romig love
, we would have to answer God, family, Trinity and trains! He was a train enthusiast and enjoyed many hours absorbed by his hobby. John made a real difference in our church and to all who knew him.  We will miss him in so many ways.


Larry Romig   November 14, 2015 

Larry is remembered as someone who loved the United Church of Christ and made it his mission to educate everyone about  the great works that the UCC does all over the world.  Larry attended Trinity from a young adult through his 70's.  He was a wonderful historian and in his younger years helped guide the congregation through many fiscal challenges, always keeping a steady focus on doing the right thing for the church. Larry also had a great sense of humor and loved Hudson cars.

Eleanor Rouse Sr.  April 4, 2020
Eleanor Rouse attended Trinity with her family for many years. She served on numerous boards and committees throughout those years and was instrumental in planning and delivering our Vacation Bible School for many summers. Eleanor was all about giving and she gave much of her time and talent to our church.  She was also very active in the Florida United Church of Christ's Women's group and served as Vice President for several years, coordinating the statewide annual meetings. Eleanor was a faithful friend to Trinity and even in declining health managed to get to church almost every Sunday.  She is dearly loved by us all and will be truly missed. 

Lewis Rouse Sr. (Lew)   June 14, 2002

Lew and  his wife Eleanor moved from PA in 1959 to make Florida their home.  He worked for the FHA and the City of Pinellas Park before becoming an investment property owner and landlord.  He started attending Trinity when Rev. Roger Miller  was the pastor and he attended faithfully.  Lew was a  hard working, kind, generous, understanding man and tried to help everyone. Although he was hard working, he found time to spend time with his family and picnics at the park.  He is missed by everyone!

Pete Schilson   July 4, 2015

Pete attended Trinity UCC for many years and was a volunteer extraordinaire!  Even in his 90's Pete was already ready to help out in any way we needed him. Pete always had a smile on his face and a joke to share.  An all around great guy and a loving dad and grandfather, we will miss him always.

Bob Thrush   December 26, 2016 

Bob Thrush was a long-time resident of St. Petersburg and a long-time attendee of Trinity.  He and his wife Dot were the official greeters at the Courtyard Coffee Cart for years and made everyone who entered our gates feel right at home.  They both always went out of their way to make everyone they spoke with feel special.  Bob loved to read and always had a book to recommend. He was a faithful participant of the adult Sunday School class, a friend who always had an interesting and
thought-provoking perspective to share.  

Ruth Tracy    February 01, 2008

Ruth Tracy was a long-time member of Trinity. Her energy level was amazing and she kept us all on our intellectual toes  with her Sunday morning quizzes of the local newspaper editorial page. To be around Ruth was to feel invigorated with your brain working to the max. She was fun loving, quick witted and good-hearted.   You'll always be part of Trinity, Ruth. 


Kathy Whitehead  March 31, 2013

Kathy attended the church for several years and she was always so proud to be a member of Trinity. She would tell everyone, "I can't believe I found such a loving church. I feel that I am home."  She taught children's Sunday school and also served on the Board. Kathy was great with kids and enjoyed her class so much!  Kathy made a real difference in the children's lives she touched and we so miss her beautiful smile! 

Doris Yahn   November 5, 2012

Doris was a member of  the Trinity family for many years. She was an amazing woman who worked full time until she was almost 90. Full of positive energy and good will toward others, she was a delightful lady to know. You always knew when it was pecan season because Doris would appear with her bags of nuts to offer the congregation.  Trinity is a better place for having  known you, Doris!